Vladimir Putin And Barack Obama And Time Magazine!

So, am I supposed to think that the magazine that ordains Vladimir Putin as the Person of the Year will not use the tactics of the KGB? Propaganda is what is the foundation for controlling the minds of the 'new Soviets' so there is no question of ethics. Lying is irrelevant. Whatever serves the State is good - that is the only thing that resembles any kind of ethical stance.

The media is desperate because the unConstitutional coup is desperate and so it has taken the bold move of blatant propaganda. Those in charge of the unConstitutional coup must think that Americans have adopted a weak and submissive acceptance of whatever comes their way from 'on high.'

I suspect that the head honcho of Time is a link to the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup. They already exposed themselves by putting Paulson out there and now they are exposing themselves again by revealing this link.

Let's find out the name of another member of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup by tracking to its source the link to Time.

As we find the names of these economic terrorists they will squirm more and more and then we will see if Americans are weak and submissive.

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