The Welfare/Warfare State Shifts Its Weight!

The behemoth does not move fast. Now its one leg is numb so it is time to shift some of its gross obesity to the other leg. It is just a matter of time before the ever-growing and massive burden will numb that leg too and so back and forth, shifting from one leg to the other, the restless miscreant we call the State must “change.”

This is the “change” we are hearing about. It is the change from a fascist/socialism mentality that drives the warfare State to a socialist/fascist mentality that drives the welfare State.

Both efforts are attempts to generate prosperity by the means of interventionism. Both attempts depend on counterfeiting, theft, politically-motivated redistribution of wealth, debt, inflation, and the camouflaging of bankruptcy.

Because of the worldwide monetary hegemony afforded to the United States since the dollar was designated as the reserve currency for the worldwide collusion of central banks, the day of reckoning was pushed into the future just like Keynes said “We’re all dead in the long run.” But when that future arrives we are then all alive when the Keynesian long run crashes upon the scene! Which means: there is no way to camouflage the bankruptcy.

Shifting weight from the warfare leg to the welfare leg will do nothing to prevent the equilibrium forces from lowering the boom. The ego-driven interventionists and their political rhetoric will not be able to keep the equilibrium forces and the weight of the State from breaking the bones, shattering them right before our eyes.

Will chaos then reign? Not if enough people know about the principles of classical liberalism and Austrian economics.

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