What Exactly Is Treasury Secretary Paulson Appointed To Do?

Paulson did what he was appointed to do! I am not talking about the wishy-washy, foolish, ill-conceived trust conferred upon him by Congress. Nor am I talking about his appointment as Treasury Secretary by complacent underlings!

Paulson did what he was appointed to do when he was chosen from among the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup to go finance the coup - no matter what - by piggybacking usurped coup authority to any and all legislation whisked through Congress while the members of Congress sleep, or go to bed with coup-connected lobbyists, or burp from having their belly full with porkbarrel funds to satisfy their ego-driven interventionist tendencies.

When January rolls around he will slither back to the inner circle and a less senior official of the coup will take his place as Treasury Secretary.

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