Will Barack Obama Have The Moral Courage To Be A Constitutional President?

This is the defining question for Barack Obama. This is where the rhetoric of change becomes meaningful.

It will definitely take moral courage for the President-elect to sever himself from the shackles of the unConstitutional coup and even more so since he is surrounded (and seems to be surrounding himself) by acolytes loyal to the will of the unConstitutional coup. Is he courageous or faint-hearted?

Moral courage is what it will take to aspire towards the principles of classical liberalism that inspired the Constitution instead of pursuing socialism down the Road to Serfdom.

The acts that will indicate a great legacy for President Obama are quite clear. Foreign interventionism will be halted. The dollar will be returned to its gold backing thus restraining the Federal Reserve and subsequently the corrupt redistribution of wealth to the political class. These are the clear indicators of moral courage. These are the acts of a Constitutional President.

Here are the projected results of a universal survey of every American:
Do you want a Constitutional President or an unConstitutional President?
100% choose a Constitutional President.

Will Barack Obama listen to the wishes of the entire nation and have the moral courage to stand up to the unConstitutional coup and use his Presidency to fight the good fight and restore the Constitutional Republic to the people?

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