Balancing The Budget Is Good For America's Prosperity!

Balancing the budget is so much easier than it is made out to be!

All service of elected officials should be made voluntary; no pay for rendering these services to the community whether at the local, State, or Federal level.

Does anyone know how much would be saved if all pay and all fringe benefits of all elected officials at all levels of government were reduced to zero?

Or they could accept the nominal $1 that is trumpeted as praiseworthy for the top executives of the three big U.S. auto makers.

Only people who are truly sincere would be willing to serve and only people who have been exemplary in their service would receive votes.

As you can see political parties will disappear since the individuals voted for are chosen because they are meritorious not because of any affiliation. Perhaps one hundred persons distinguished for their wisdom and knowledge and sincerity will receive votes. Ultimately one will be chosen in the process.

Since it is relatively expensive to travel there will be a minimal number of meetings and so proposals will be simple since time will be very valuable indeed. This also means that spending of all kinds will be very limited since the criteria used for siphoning through any and all proposals will be those laid down in the Constitution. If it does not meet the requirements of the Constitution it will not take up even one second of the precious time of these elected representatives.

Within one election cycle the budget would be balanced and freedom and liberty would return like a torrent. The American nation will quickly find its destined prosperity.

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