Car Czar And The Second Amendment!

This czar will be a czar! How can we expect to nationalize an industry without an authority figure with an appropriate 'Soviet' name.

Do you think that Putin ever allowed some pesky legislature to interfere with his fascist plans? Nor will the unConstitutional coup permit that here in the U.S.

The difference between Russia and the U.S. is that Putin is now the power behind the Russian puppet Head of State whereas in the U.S. the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup is the power behind the puppet Head of State.

The scale of magnitude between the two is very great. To grasp the difference just look at the omnipresence of the dollar versus the lowly ruble. But don't think that world monetary hegemony is inert! Both of these 'emperors' lust after monetary hegemony.

These two socialistic and fascist systems are trudging along parallel to one another. What will Russia do when the monetary system held together by the fraudulent dollar collapses?

Now you know why the Second Amendment is so valuable. Ultimately it will prevent the U.S. from being invaded when our country is bankrupt and dependent on others for vital resources.

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