Deflation And Ideological Change!

How long will it be before the deflationary effects (of a market correcting itself as part of the recessionary period) can no longer be tolerated by the biggest debtor in the world?

War against 'terrorists' is the trump card.

If productive resources are coercively channeled towards war efforts prices will no longer go down. And inflation, even at high rates, will be excused because of the 'unusual' circumstances requiring patriotic sacrifices!

This is the likely scenario if the 'deflation-to-inflation' time horizon is more than six months. That is why now is so critical. If we are fortunate enough that the economic equilibrium forces are so powerful that they quickly overwhelm the dumbfounded unConstitutional coup despite their most imaginative intervention then the window of opportunity will be opened for the liberty-minded to use all the educative means at their disposal to move the ideological change forward.

Part of the ideological change towards classical liberalism societies requires the identification of the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup so they can feel the wrath of the victims of their oppressions.

Who besides Paulson and Summers are among this elite group of economic terrorists?

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