Educational 'Dinosaurs' Are Destined To Go Extinct!

If we assume we are living in the dark ages of economics and then if we step back to take a look at the condition of education we will be shell-shocked. It is a dinosaur destined to become extinct!

But those species of dinosaur that exhibit adaptibility will continue to evolve. Those educational dinosaurs that convert their scales into feathers and their forearms into wings will also learn to fly if they are to be of use in the future.

There is no doubt that certain types of 'education' are already completely obsolete. For example, the social sciences are filled with empiricists embedded in institutionalized educational systems promulgating erroneous methodologies and squashing alternative thought. These 'dinosaurs' are especially susceptible to the changing climate of education that is manifest as the free flow of informative counterpoints on the internet. These 'dinosaurs' may quickly go extinct when the meteor of classical liberalism flashes by, grabbing everyone's attention and then exploding onto the scene with subjectivism.

Then (and now is then!) the dark ages of economics will end!!!

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