Ego-Driven Interventionists And Their Lord Are Deaf!

Why are these real concerns about the economy and the lack of ethics falling upon deaf ears?

When the ego is raging it is in total control of the poor souls afflicted by this 'devil.' The ego-driven interventionists whisper into the ears of the ambitious and ego-driven politicians and all the while this circle of ego addicts is being nurtured by the unConstitutional coup as if it is their personal den of vipers.

Totally consumed with their ego (no decency is left) they can only look outwardly with interventionist intentions as their souls shrivel. No cries of suffering from their injustices can reach their ears and so they become more and more tyrannical.

Humans can become lower than animals - more vicious and more deliberately cruel - when the ego destroys the true human spirit. If these diseased ones reject their cure (classical liberalism) then they will need to be surgically removed.

Cut out the cancer at its source - the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup.

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