Fear The Demise Of Good Business Firms Due To Bailouts!

Fear, fear, and more fear is the portrayal by the ego-driven interventionists and how they deal with the problems that they created.

Then along comes Peter Schiff and he says that the incompetent firms should not be rewarded at the expense of the good businesses. Capital is limited and so instead of good firms being able to access capital it would be made unavailable since the bailout of incompetent firms will funnel capital to be squandered again.

Who is rightfully fearful that the ego-driven interventionists will penalize and paralyze the good firms? They are good firms exactly because they avoid as much as possible the meddling by the interventionists, so of course they are not heard from nor are they given any consideration by the associates of the unConstitutional coup.

The proper placement of fear is upon the possibility that good business firms will be destroyed by the socialists and fascists who surround and make up the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup.

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