The FED No Longer Desires To Save The World Economy!

The FED will save the world economy!

The FED has moved on! It is not interested in saving the world economy. As prompted by its overlord it is interested in driving everyone into a frenzy so a new world fiat currency can be proposed and coercively instituted.

The FED, just like the U.S. Presidency, is a tool of the unConstitutional coup that has its eyes on the prize - worldwide monetary hegemony with no competing currencies!

Look how far we are away from that goal. The only way to get there is by destroying the dollar and then destroying all dissenting nations! Who on this planet is safe from the horrible consequences of their plan? Total impoverishment of all, the rich and the poor. Total fear-driven warmongering to justify the wars needed to secure vital resources and to topple rogue nations.

What insanity! First of all there is no way the Chinese will ever surrender to these imperialistic designs and there is no way a U.S. controlled alliance of any kind could ever conquer China.

We need to stop the usurpers of our Constitutional Republic and bring back sanity and enable America to fulfill its destiny. America's destiny is to be an example of a classical liberalism society for other nations to emulate.

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