Government Ponzi Schemes Induce A Criminal Ring!

What a gigantic Ponzi scheme promotes - one that is perpetuated by mandatory coercive measures - is a criminal mentality and a centralization of power. Access to other criminal activities, such as the counterfeiting operation of the Federal Reserve, easily enhances that centralization of power.

And what stands in its way? The Constitution!

Armed with all the dollars it needs to bribe anyone who can strategically increase the centralization and accrual of power, the braintrust of this crime ring goes about persuading the ego-driven politicians (beholden to the corrupt money going into their election coffers) to whittle away at the foundation of the Constitutional Republic.

The power granted by the dollar (since it is the wolrd reserve currency) attracted their attention and so they lustily sought to expand their sphere of interest. Now the criminal ring, functioning as the unConstitutional coup, has become a worldwide economic terrorist plunging all nations into the spector of perpetual warfare against one another instead of rebellion against the true enemy - the unConstitutional coup in the United States.

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