Growth Of Government Is A Cancer!

Tumors grow even if the rest of the body is in decline. In fact the growth of tumors is the cause of the decline!

I do not know anyone who celebrates the appearance and the spread of cancer, do you?

As we assess treatment we can decide to remove one tumor at a time which would be like exposing Krugman or Bernanke or the plethora of ego-driven interventionists as charlatans.

Or we can go to the source of the cancer and remove it and follow up with some treatment that purges all remnants. The source of the cancer in America (and subsequently in the world since the dollar is being used currently as the world reserve currency) is the unConstitutional coup. We need to surgically remove this tumor by exposing the membership of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup and subjecting them to the wrath of the people of the world who have been torn by wars and victimized by their puppet tyrants for generations now.

The re-education of humanity about the principles of classical liberalism will further cleanse the system of the disease of socialism, fascism, and empirical economics.

Once cured the organic whole will stabilize as classical liberalism societies begin to pop up and flourish, leading to a classical liberalism civilization and a prosperity that is our birthright.

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