Is Not Being A Natural Born Citizen An Impeachable Offense?

Especially with all the connections now to some of the corruption in Illinois it is important that the person elected as President fulfills, at least, the legal requirements to be President! This apparent mistake in the election process deserves an inquiry and a Constitutional verification.

"A Natural Born Citizen is born in the country of parents who are both citizens (note not natural born citizens, simply citizens). If your parents came to America and become Citizens (through a Naturalization Process) then you would be a Natural Born Citizen and eligible to run for presidency. However if your parents remained non-citizens for whatever reason - you would not be a Natural Born Citizen but you would be a Native Born Citizen and would have all the rights of other citizens but you could not be president. Obama is a Citizen of the U.S. Obama is a Native Born Citizen (unless his birth certificate is false) but it appears he is not a Natural Born Citizen since his Father was not a Citizen of the U.S."

Is this ineligibility an impeachable offense?

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