Sovereignty And International Justice.

Sovereignty is a concept that escapes the neocons.

Using the rhetoric of 'democracy' these highly influential political schemers trounce all over sovereignty. What they are naive about is the terrorism that their acts of terrorism activates.

Often these well-connected schemers use the United Nations to undermine sovereignty and this is exactly what is being tested right now since the U.N. mandate expires on December 31st. At what point will the super 'nanny State' (that is just an extension of the unConstitutional coup in the United States) allow sovereignty to determine the destiny of a nation?

Will the seat of international justice exercise its clout and separate the United Nations from its mandated neocon agenda? (Its socialistic agenda is another issue equally as important to address at some other time.) Once that tie is broken the unConstitutional coup in the United States will be an island unto itself, fully exposed to the revulsion of the people of the world who have intensely suffered from its subversive wars and inflation and to the revolt of the people in the United States who are sick and tired of their destruction of a noble Constitutional Republic.

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