There Will Be No Repayment Of The Bailout 'Loans!'

'Loan' or 'bailout' - it is all the same.

This is the merely the lingo of the politicians, the same ones who looked like complete idiots next to Ron Paul in any kind of discussion of the issues. Hence the censorship of Ron Paul by the unConstitutional coup prior to the election!

It is like Ron Paul said in this interview, why is no one asking the most basic and elementary questions? A few simple questions would instantly shatter the mirrors and dissipate the smoke of the 'smoke and mirrors' rhetoric of the politicians who take the advice of the ego-driven interventionists who are beholden to the unConstitutional coup.

Kiss your funny money goodbye (repayment - ha ha!)! Of course it matters not to those who make the bailout deals since they will simply go to their counterfeiting operation and make another withdrawal!

The uncertainty of the future will startle them when they find themselves between two fiat worlds (the world reserve dollar and the 'new world order' reserve currency) - both of which are fraudulent - right when the people of the world are searching for the cause of the collapse!

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