The U.S. And The World Economy Are Infested With Termites!

The unConstitutional coup works from the back rooms. Of course it needs and has front organizations to keep fully propagandized the issues that serve as distractions.

Organizations such as these represent one more layer that has to be peeled away to expose the termites that are destroying the structure of the Constitutional Republic. These termites are economic terrorists and serve as the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup.

As we all know termites create their own downfall since eventually the structure is destroyed. That is why the unConstitutional coup has spread outward and seeks a world government. All the people in the world are being terrorized by this same infestation.

Our goal is to rebuild the structure of civilization with a material that is impervious to their ego-driven intervention. The philosophy of classical liberalism is the architectural pattern needed for the renovation and the principles of classical liberalism guarantee a capital structure destined to bring about prosperity.

There are several exterminators that we can call thanks to competitive entrepreneurship. Call the Mises Institute or the Campaign For Liberty or Lew and get started!

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