Where Was This Bailout Practice Perfected?

Where was this bailout practice perfected?

The warfare State gave free reign to its nationalized military supply manufacturers during all of the wars entered into since and including World War I. Of course production arrangements bypassed all market prices since it was a controlled economy ('due to the national emergency' needless to say). Since there was no real price system there was no way to estimate 'profit and loss.' Bids were required but they were not binding as a contracts since the output of war goods was the only criteria.

These producers, functioning with arbitrary, error-based 'prices' continually 'returned to the tap' for more and were continually bailed out.

This bailout mentality that we are seeing is a great big flashing sign telling everyone that we are in a controlled economy. The other obvious and glaring sign is that our economy is being run by military minds!

The members of the inner circle of the UnConstitutional coup are interventionists closely connected to the military industrial complex, all of whom are seeking worldwide monetary hegemony.

Thank God the equilibrium force of the economy will overwhelm these criminals and flick them away like a gnat!

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