America Is Showing Signs Of Life!!!

Is there censorship of important information about America?

We'll see. Here is my second attempt to get this out:

Destiny of America
Thursday, January 29, 2009

America Is Showing Signs Of Life!!!

Ron Paul is the great educator of our time. And America is still alive, as evidenced by the voice of this great statesman being given a platform.

The wide distribution from where the callers heard this message shows how quickly the message of liberty can reach people. There are listeners, there are people who are learning about classical liberalism, and they are finding their roots.

The unConstitutional coup has created a situation where it can only stop the flow of information by coming out and making its tyrannical self known. It knows that if it were to make itself known, that in a matter of minutes Americans would rise up and destroy their coup.

Yes America is still alive!

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