Bailout Is A Classic 'Broken Window Fallacy'

Sharing The Pain Plan of the Bailout
Ordinary Taxpayers 100%, Banks 0%, Congress 0%, State Legislatures 0%, Bernanke 0%, Fed Governors 0%, Fannie Mae Bondholders 0%, Freddie Mac Bondholders 0%, FDIC executives 0%, SEC 0%

Pain? What about pane, like window pane?

The imperialism of the unConstitutional coup breaks the window pane and then the economically illterate Congress (made up of ego-driven politicians) take the advice of their ego-driven interventionist advisors to fix the window pane. They say "Look, it's good that the window pane was broken because now we can put to work the glazier. Then just think of the glazier spending that money and then the multiplier effect in the economy!"

The bailouts are 'the broken window fallacy' writ LARGE!

Read "Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt for a clear refutation of the economic quackery of the bailouts.

The one who threw the rock through the window was a thug! The one (unConstitutional coup) who is destroying the economy is a thug, or more precisely, the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup are economic terrorists!

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