Central Planners Centrally Planning The Bailout!

I love the emphasis that the heroic Congressman Ron Paul placed on central planning when addressing Congress about the bailout money. He identified the tools of the central planners - government spending, debt, printing up money, regulation, setting prices (ex. interest rates) - and he summed up what Congress thinks it is doing in these hearings (determining who should be the central planner).

Slap their face and maybe they will come to their senses!

We have Ron Paul to thank for not allowing the unConstitutional coup to use Congress to unilaterally proclaim that the free market is to blame. Alone, Ron Paul's voice is reverberating throughout the buildings in Washington, DC and that voice reduces the lies and schemes of the agents of the unConstitutional coup to a pile of rubble.

God bless the truthful and trustworthy and wise champion of the Constitution - Ron Paul.

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