The Clarion Call For Production Not Destruction!

"Production not destruction" is a clarion call that should arouse interest among the sensible as the economy continues to dive into the depths of the Keynesian abyss.

The U.S. is not in need of 'make work' schemes even if they are for infrastructure. Infrastructure priorities have to first become known, and those priorities would be the places where production is occurring and also the places where those products are going. Shoring up infrastructure without market knowledge of where production is taking place just misallocates valuable resources.

Destruction (warmongering) misallocates resources and causes an even more exagerated need since it causes severe impoverishment and depravation. It is an abomination. Terminate this immoral, unethical, unjust, and criminal assault by redirecting resources towards production. This does not in any way imply ego-driven intervention or ego-driven interpretation. Only the market, unhampered by any human intervention into the economy, will bring together harmoniously the buyers and sellers across the entire time horizon so that production will peacefully serve everyone's needs.

"Production not destruction" is the clarion call!

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