Don't Flee To The Dollar!

Look around! What is safe?

We are at the precipice, one similar to the high cliff at the beginning of the Great Depression - the Crash of 1929! What looks safe? Just like was done then put everything you own in that and even borrow and invest in that. No wonder people lost everything and even the desire to live.

Stocks are way too volatile and generally overvalued. Bonds are in a nosedive. Gold is good but it is taxed.

The dollar is looking strong and it is easy to convert assets into dollars. The government is now promising to insure dollars as never before. Dollars are liquid, again making it appear as a very attractive way to design safety into your portfolio.

Stop right there! What does the dollar bubble mean to you?

Since 2000 we have seen the inflation bubble move from NASDAQ to housing and now it is attached to the dollar. When the dollar bubble bursts the age of hyperinflation will be upon us! Before hyperinflation the dollar still has value. Afterwards it will become exponentially worthless.

Do you want your assets to be like a bubble that bursts?

Protect your assets by following the advice of Peter Schiff.

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