Fiscal Policy In Democracy Buys Votes!

It should be obvious now why the politicians keep claiming that democracy is the best form of government. The inevitable failure of their interventionist schemes can then find no specific culprit to blame, meanwhile the money siphoned off by the political class quickly finds its specific pockets!

Democracy is the ideological lie that uses fiscal policy to buy votes. In a classical liberalism society there will be no such thing as fiscal policy! Fiscal policy is a license for interventionism granted to the political power elite and as such it is a monopoly power that disrupts the market economy.

The 'sacrifice' not spoken of by the demagogic mouthpieces of the unConstitutional coup is the voters' sacrifice of the bribes promised by the politicians in the corrupt system of government called democracy. That type of sacrifice is not spoken about because it would undermine the incentive to lie and steal which are part of the corruptions of a democratic system.

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