Gaza Blowback! Congress Goes Silent!

When governments act secretly they find themselves in the business of pretending that there is no history, that there is no cause and effect.

The history of U.S. involvement in Gaza is not so distant, nor is it obscure. It is not top secret; it is just regarded as a secret since it is taboo to talk about it!

Who has the courage to talk about the continual usurpation of the Constitution by the power elite who are undermining our Constitutional Republic? The true Statesman - Ron Paul.

In three brief minutes Ron Paul exposes the hidden history of the U.S. involvement in Gaza, chastises the Congress for its cowardice and complacency, talks about the blowback from U.S. imperialism, and takes the Constitutional stance on the resolution regarding Israel before the Congress on January 9, 2009.

At the end of the three minute speech by Congressman Ron Paul the Congress becomes silent. The reason Congress is dumbfounded is because it is guilty of serving the unConstitutional coup. The shame has taken away their breath!

America is in danger!

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