Gaza Turmoil Is Like A Grenade!

The situation in Israel, in the Gaza, is like a grenade.

The explosives inside the grenade are the racial and religious and political prejudices. The shrapnel encasing these explosives is the false wealth that comes from the dollar as the world reserve currency. The pin is the imperialism of the unConstitutional coup in the U.S. with its ambitions of worldwide monetary hegemony.

Who is the terrorist that pulls the pin?

The ego-driven interventionist relying on ego-driven interpretation who serves the interests of the unConstitutional coup! That describes any of a number of criminals - the warmongers directing the imperialistic expansion of militarism, the puppet leaders (Presidents and/or Prime Ministers) who are indebted to the unConstitutional coup, the members of parlimentary bodies with personal political ambitions, etc.

Peace without interventionism, without fiat currencies, without the ego-driven politicians, is the standard to use to critique what is going on in the world. In other words, classical liberalism is the standard.

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