Growth In America! And The Stimulus Of Funny Money!

Growth in America!

Growth of the government, growth of the idiocy of empirical economics, growth of asinine Keynesian schemes, growth of the dependence on the counterfeiting of the Federal Reserve.

Growth in America!

Growth of the cancers of socialism and fascism, growth of the dependency of politicians on the unConstitutional coup, growth of the need for imperialism to pay for all the exploitation of resources worldwide to support an obscene militarism.

Growth in America!

Growth of the police state, growth of the use of the media to propagandize the masses, growth of social tension because of the political lies and the growing gap between rich and poor created by the political class.

What we need is growth in America, growth of the desire for liberty. You and I are the true sources of growth in America, not the disease spreading unConstitutional coup.

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