The Inaugural Myth!

"Instead we have the pomp and ceremony designed by the unConstitutional coup to perpetuate the myth that our government is of the people, by the people, and for the people."

The source of the money for the ceremony in a fascist State that expands socialism is irrelevant. Whether it is directly from the government coffers or indirectly via those who have bought into the propaganda of the unConstitutional coup, the objective of perpetuating the myth remains primary.

The designer of this charade is the unConstitutional coup whose inner circle members are economic terrorists guilty of cumulative theft and war crimes.

Notice the big wigs chosen as the President's helpers and realize that this is a transitional period for the unConstitutional coup. There must be a need for seating inner circle members and some of these big wigs are candidates. 'How well will they serve the coup' is the test.

Is this transition due to 'retirement' of inner circle members or is it due to desperation and the coup's sense of failing? I think it is the latter.

To broadcast the names of the inner circle members is one of the best ways to send them into the panic mode!!!

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