Krugman and Bernanke Are At Odds!

The ego-driven interventionists are in conflict! Which also means that the ego-driven interpreters are at odds. It is easy to describe the mindset of these pseudo-intellectuals - confusion! And that is the state of affairs - confusion!

In the grips of their egos these low lifes will stab each other in the back and try to claw themselves out of the pits to hell that they are creating!

What is the saying? "It's like shooting fish in a barrel!" If classical liberalism is given any ink or any airwaves the perverse economic charlatans will run home crying to their Mama.

But much to their chagrin their Mama will have to flee too because the present-day heros of liberty are making known to the world the names of the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup. One by one these economic terrorists will run away from the justice-seeking people around the world who want restitution.

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