Obama Is A Neoconservative!

Neoconservativism is a product of ego-driven interventionism and it propagandizes economic empiricism and uses the plebiscite platform of 'democracy' to delude the public in every election cycle; all the while the military industrial complex becomes more and more in control.

Neoconservatism is also fascist since it has an uncontrolled lust after power and finds ways to use political corruption to draw into its web those who are the favored recipients of its counterfeiting operation.

And neoconservatism is ultimately socialist and totalitarian because it needs to control peoples lives and their property to strip them them of their civil liberties so that they cannot resist.

That explains why all of the politicians, regardless of their rhetoric along the fringe issues, are neoconservative if they want to move up in the hierarchy of the political system that serves the unConstitutional coup.

Obama is a neoconservative! His agenda is managed in a way to reflect his personality but its substance is neoconservative through and through.

The sole statesman in Congress is Ron Paul and he is not only the Champion of the Constitution but he is the one who can and will disembowel the neoconservatives.

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