Paulson Has A New Role - Bashing Others.

We were all wondering what role Paulson would play now that he has transitioned the seat of Treasury Secretary to one his underlings. It was unprecedented that a member of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup would be put in such an exposed position in the first place but things were out of control and required forceful adjustments to keep the veils that concealed the unConstitutional coup from falling away.

After strengthening the unconstitutional powers of the Fed and the Treasury and to give the appearance of a 'change' it was time for Paulson to return to the inner circle clandestinely. But he still has the role of being the most active, the most exposed, and the most 'prominent' member.

There are pluses and negatives to being 'out there.' One plus is that the unConstitutional coup can continue to try to add a voice of authority to its propaganda. The big negative that will ultimately expose the underbelly of the beast is that Paulson is one of the members of the inner circle and that he knows who the other members are.

Will he be able to fend off the inquiries? Will he be able to hide from the accusations? Will the intrigue thicken? Will he be eliminated by the unConstitutional coup itself to protect their dirty little secrets?

The people victimized by the economic terrorism of the unConstitutional coup will soon want to ask Mr. Paulson some poignant questions.

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