Peacefulness As A New Year's Resolution!

Lowering one's time preference is a peaceful act and it does influence the time preference of society as a whole!

Another great way to lower time preference is to think and act peacefully (and a lower time preference is an indicator of a peaceful way of life). The most glaring evidence of this is the high time preference in the world right now because of all of the war-mongering.

I have found that one of the great contributors to peaceful thinking and therefore to a lower time preference is confidence that the equilibrium forces of the economy will inevitably purge the market (via the means of human action) of the corruption of all human intervention in the economy. I am certain that a classical liberalism civilization will eventually reign, composed of a culturally rich array of classical liberalism societies.

This is not some pie in the sky dream. It is a scientific truth, an outcome of the reality that finite humans cannot fathom the infinite intricacies of the market. When left alone - known as laissez-faire - the outcome is universal, peaceful cooperation and prosperity.

There is no moral authority for interventionism. In fact, intervention is an injustice. As the people in the world grasp this the interventionists will be seen in the proper light - as criminals - and shunned.

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