President Obama: A Recommended Book To Read.

On Sunday I read in Parade the letter that Barack Obama wrote to his two young daughters. In the letter of love and encouragement he speaks to his two daughters about wanting the future to be bright and asks his daughters to see the sacrifices that are part of public life as valuable experiences for their future. He encourages them to help make the world a better place.

So that history does not repeat itself in horrific ways, that are completely avoidable, I suggest that Barack and Michelle Obama read The Black Book Of Communism.

I realize that it may at first seem like I am labeling, I am not. I have read a few historical pieces that indicate that you both have been exposed to ’left’ thinkers.

What is important and indeed critical is for you to read the thorough accounts of the ultimate end of communism and its kin - socialism. Share what is age appropriate with your daughters so they, too, can see the horrors of totalitarianism.

Since you aspire for a peaceful and prosperous world, especially for your daughters and future generations, I suggest that you investigate the principles of classical liberalism. Of course you will have to have the moral courage to brush aside the nonsense of the statist advisors that occupy the advisory seats.

Please accept this humble request as a gift to you and your daughters and to your legacy!

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