Reversing The Outcome Of The Collapse Of The Dollar.

So what we know is that the unConstitutional coup uses contemporary events to expand its control and its power: Examples being 9/11, and this 'global economic collapse.'

And we also know that the next crisis on the horizon is the destruction of the dollar. We know that and so does the unConstitutional coup. In fact they are doing things that make the collapse of the dollar inevitable.

Why? Because a system of national fiat monies is unstable. The only way the unConstitutional coup can achieve its goal of worldwide monetary hegemony is by destroying national fiat currencies and replacing them with a one world fiat currency under their control.

Our counterattack is to rekindle the common knowledge that all of the people in the world have known for perhaps a thousand years, that gold is already the worldwide currency but without all the corruption of the ego-driven interventionists. The majority of the people in the world in numbers, armed with this economic truth, can easily overthrow and crush the few economic terrorists who are part of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup.

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