Where Is America Right Now?

At first Ron Paul had them on the edge of their seats then the assignment given to them by the agents of the unConstitutional coup sparked in their minds (to make him appear idealistic).
Nevertheless, not a word of Ron Paul was misspoken and the truth of noninterventionist economics shone forth. As the twists came from the ambitious journalists Ron Paul straightened them!

To the American minds that have been turned into proto-neocons by the militaristic propaganda of the unConstitutional coup, Ron Paul made clear the reality of where America is right now!

Osama Bin Laden is doing to the United States what he did to the Soviet Union. America is going bankrupt by trying to build and maintain an empire.

When the dollar crashes there will be no victory declarations by the neocons or the military industrial complex!

Will Americans reject the propaganda of the unConstituional coup before it is too late? Will the glimmerings of free press be enough to re-educate the people, enough so that they can identify the unConstitutional coup as the economic terrorists who are moving America towards a bottomless chasm.

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