Will The Economy Get Worse, As Predicted?

What is the nature of a politician?

To shift the blame elsewhere and to enrich the political class that he (she) belongs to!

As the economy deteriorates Obama can now make himself look blameless. Afterall, he said it was going to happen.

These socialist and fascist policies by the agents of the unConstitutional coup will redistribute wealth to those constituents who actually strengthening its political base - a typical political move. Since the President and Congress are sheltered under the umbrella of the unConstitutional coup it is outside the realm of possibility for them to imagine that these political moves will fuel the fire of an ideological revolution.

Our efforts to educate people about America's classical liberalism heritage and about the virtues of a sound money will be increasingly well received. Connect people to Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Campaign For Liberty, Mises Institute, and Lew Rockwell.com.

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