Are Bernanke And Krugman Twins Or Clones? You Decide!

The similarities between Krugman and Bernanke are astonishing, especially the astonished, glazed-over look they share and the gulps that they take every time they find themselves in the real world instead of their fantasy modeled-world.

At the 14 minute mark someone calls in and asks Krugman the dreaded question. Now he knows how Bernanke feels when he goes before Congress and has to face Ron Paul, except Krugman can run and hide easier.

Our job is to make sure that these charlatans are called to account every time they dare to 'take questions.'

Wouldn't it be a real 'boom and bust' if the media had the courage to invite both Tom Woods and Paul Krugman to discuss their new books about the Great Depression and the current crisis? That would be a boom for Austrian economics and a bust for the quackery of Keynesianism!

Krugman would run and hide and never agree to this debate. Does that mean he is a coward or a fake? Both!

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