Are Economic Terrorists Worse Than War Criminals?

The hyperinflation by the ego-driven interventionists in Zimbabwe was and is theft so none of this is surprising or 'more' unjust. The question is whether this cancer will invade every cell and annihilate all hope and decency of the poor victims living there.

One thing that is sure: the essential element for healing or for new life is the return to protection of property rights.

We hear about war criminals in the arena of international justice but what about the even more destructive crimes of the economic terrorists that force on people the perversion of Keynesianism or the other variations of socialism/fascism?

The unConstitutional coup in the U.S. has too much of a clamp on the international bodies (due to its monetary hegemony) to allow prosecution of economic terrorists since it is the most vile of all.

We should all be rejoicing that the dollar-denominated monetary system is collapsing because until that happens these injustices will remain as a crippling plague gripping the whole planet.

The other essential element for healing is sound money, and so a return to an international gold standard is what will allow a classical liberalism civilization to exist and bring about universal prosperity.

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