Bernanke Will Resign If The Federal Reserve Is Audited!

How quickly would Ben Bernanke be forced to resign if the Federal Reserve is audited? Immediately.

'Why?' you say, 'He is a scholarly economist who has said that he knows what mistakes were made in the Great Depression and that he knows how to get us out of this mess. Why would he have to resign?'

Because he is a fraud! He is not an economist he is an empiricist. He is not a scholar he is a propagandist. He does not know how to get us out of this mess, he is a counterfeiter serving the unConstitutional coup and its favored ones.

An audited Federal Reserve would immediately be headless and what will be obvious is that gold and silver will need to be made competitively legal tender to bring about some stability to the monetary system.

The exploitative foundation of socialism will begin to sink in the quicksand of its own bankruptcy and the light of liberty and justice and peace and prosperity will begin to shine again.

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