Central Planners Sitting Around A Table!!!

There are a few courageous journalists who allow the economic wisdom of Peter Schiff to reach the ears of the innocent victims of the economic terrorists who do the dirty deeds of the unConstitutional coup.

In Part Three of "Countdown to the Closing Bell' on FOX Business Report, the faces and names of the members of the Working Group are being carelessly relinquished, to give the appearance of authoritative knowledge, but this is nothing but the unConstitutional coup throwing meat to the dogs. If (and they already realize that it is when not if) the economy collapses and there is a revolution the unConstitutional coup wants to be able to hide behind a front line of stooges.

This plan probably won't work because some of these narcicists will squeal.

Their scheme won't work!

The members of the inner circle of the unConstititional coup will be found and brought to justice.

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