Destructive Keynes and Marx!

Although there are many ego-driven interventionists it would be difficult to find one who is as perfectly intertwined with all of its narcissism and political perversions as John Maynard Keynes. Keynes is the archetype ego-driven interventionist and any and all speculation that he did not really intend to dismantle economic theory is just one more piece of evidence that his forked-tongue fooled the foolish.

Just like Marx, whose ego consumed him and drove him to attack the divine institution of the economy, so too Keynes could only see himself and like Gollum, he convinced himself that he was the one to hold the ring. So he devised a plan and seduced the politicians (which he knew was the easiest thing in the world to accomplish). He was the 'eye' that knew the true ego-driven nature of the politicians.

These horrible ego-driven maniacs - Marx and Keynes - intended to destroy civilization for one reason: they were consumed by their ego.

Why are people unaware of their criminal minds? Well, their followers molded an education system that does their bidding.

But truth is sought and what is now becoming increasingly evident to everyone is that Marx and Keynes were charlatans. Rid them and their systems and their agents from modern thinking and then the diseases caused by their immorality will go with them into the dustbin of economic ignorance.

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