Entrepreneurial Profits For Television And Other Types Of Media.

Ron Paul's good humor combined with his profound knowledge of both classical liberalism and the political system makes him the most engaging of any interviewee.

Newspapers and magazines are not the only traditional types of media that are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Television is also feeling pressure from competition via the internet.

If the decision-makers have any true understanding of the human reality they will be aware that humans are by nature seekers. However crude at first, they are seeking truth. If these decision-makers understand marketing they will give the people what they want.

If the media can separate itself from the controlling grips and the propaganda of the unConstitutional coup long enough to detect what people truly want they will see that their viability as a business depends on being relevant.

Ron Paul and Peter Schiff, and to a lesser extent Andrew Napolitano, Thomas Woods, and Robert Higgs should be the ones appearing on the television, analyses shows. Truth has an incredible entertainment value!

Are you listening, main stream media? Catch the spark of entreprenurial spirit and the courage of the American spirit and give the people what they aspire for while at the same time breaking the shackles and chains of the unConstitutional coup!

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