Gold Is Like The Water Of Life!

Gold is the drink of water brought to a desolate and disease-ridden city! Ron Paul and Peter Schiff and the Mises Institute are busy repairing the aquaduct to bring fresh drinking water to the disease-infested inhabitants of that abominable city (now called the Obamanable city).

Socialism and fascism have plagued the city for generations and the corrupt power elite that operate like the ancient tyrannical governors of the Ottoman and Persian empires have usurped their power from a Congress filled, like snakes in a den, with ego-driven interventionists.

These tyrants like to have the people in the city weak and overcome with thirst. That way they can be more easily perverted and oppressed and their weakness makes the tyrants feel strong.

The aquaduct is close to completion. Some of the fresh water is being carried in by foot (Campaign For Liberty) reaching the inhabitants and now there is the growing sense is that these tyrants have been stealing their wealth and deliberately denying the water of life to everyone. The stirrings of a rebellion is beginning.

Soon the water will reach the city and the masses will have a choice to make: live in the health and wealth of a gold standard or allow the tyrants to rob generation after generation of their prosperity and "hope!" (Irony there!)

As the water enters the city the cry of joy goes out! This is followed quickly by the cry: "END THE FED!"

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