Is Criticism Of Keynesian 'Stimulus' Censored?

First published on Friday, February 6, 2009 but where is it?

Who Is Going To Fund This Keynesian Spending Spree?

The ones who will be perceived by the looters as having wealth.

What does this chaos sound like? It sounds like riots in the streets. It is class conflict.

This is what is being touted as the great stimulus - a stimulus of riots that will come as a result of the inflationary depression brought about by the fallacious Keynesianism pursued by the ego-driven interventionists. Hyperinflation will just exasperate the problem.

These riots are part of the class struggle between the socialist political class and its fascist friends versus the productive members of society. The political class will continue to try to rob the productive members of society and the socialist leeches created by Keynesianism will follow suit.

Civil rights will be trampled and racial tensions will be very high since the leader of the 'envy brigade' will use the pulpit of the Presidency to promote socialism.

Sir, if you care about the American people you will discard your socialist ideology and allow America to return to its classical liberalism roots.

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