Is Partisan Politics Part Of The Game?

Rhetoric is cheap!

Hypocrisy is rampant!

But these are the duties assigned to the second head of the two party system of the unConstituional coup. Appearances are everything, that is, except REAL.

There is one overlord for these duplicitous, ego-driven and ambitious schemers. If they ascend to the top position then their ego-driven interventionism directly serves the interests of the unConstitutional coup. If they are in the 'minority' position then their scheming shifts to ego-driven interpretation to give the appearance of a 'democracy.' This also serves the unConstitutional coup.

It's the heart of the two-headed beast that needs to be speared! Broadcast the names of the members of the inner circle of the unConstitutional coup and then the people around the world who have been scarred and maimed and made distraught by the coup's economic terrorism will determinedly find out where the heart of the beast is.

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