Paul Volcker Testifies Before Congress And Ron Paul.

Paul Volcker is between a rock and a hard place!

He has enough integrity to speak as someone who understands economic theory but he does not have enough wisdom or courage to expose the monetary system as a fraud. How could he say it's a fraud when his relevance is connected to it?

He is content to evade rather than lie, and he is determined not to go before Congress and confess that he has acted foolishly in the past or to announce that the Congress is negligent by letting the Federal Reserve treat the fiat dollar like it is an indestructable weapon of theft.

Mr. Volcker, now that you are finished with your testimony you can go back into your shell of conventionality as a mere shell of a person of honor.

Now is a remarkable time in economic history, just like you said, but you have failed to show that you have the will or the knowledge to be of any use. History is about to pass you by and you stand there struck dumb!

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