The Revolutionary Idea Of Returning To The Constitution!

I like the revolutionary idea of returning to the Constitution.

That is revolutionary because all the politicians would be seen as ego-driven interventionists and ousted! That is what a revolution does if it is a revolution based on the principle of classical liberalism. It returns the order of liberty and justice and ends the chaos of theft, bribery, war, and sloth and all of the other political things that are nothing but corruptions of the human spirit.

In the United States the Constitution has been buried and is being abused in ways that would make the worst rapist or torturer seem like a jaywalker. The unConstitutional coup that has usurped our Constitutional Republic is wreaking the havoc of economic terrorism domestically and internationally - everywhere.

The forces of economic equilibrium will be one flank of our revolution and the other flank needs to be dedicated to finding out the names of the members of the inner circle of unConstitutional coup. The justice of the revolt against them by the victims of their crimes will create a void.

The third flank will be to educate the people around the world about the principles of classical liberalism so the void can be filled with the civilizing forces of liberty, peace, and prosperity.

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