Will "Meltdown" Bring The Grindstone To A Halt?

Until they recommend burning books they will have to operate normally which means that books will be reviewed.

Unless they want to stand up and say "I am a lying agent of the unConstitutional coup!" they will have to find merits since anyone who reads "Meltdown" will be thrilled by the freshness of the economic truth, unpolluted by political conniving. For a reviewer to say that there is no merit is to admit that his or her soul has been sold.

So how can the duplicitous fulfill their assignment? By telling half-truths. Half-truths are like second nature to all communists and socialists. The State is the benefactor of the tellers of half-truths.

To expose the half-truths books like Meltdown have to go through the half-truth grindstone. The irony of it all is that the grindstone will be determined to be obsolete in the process!

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