AIG And Congress And The Federal Reserve!

AIG got the money from where? Congress!

Who in Congress voted to give money to these special interests? Chuck Grassley and the rest of the economic imbeciles (if not just purely corrupt) in Congress.

Congress got the money from where? The Treasury Department!

Where did the Treasury Department get the money? The Federal Reserve!

Where did the Federal Reserve get the money? It used its authority to counterfeit to just print it out of thin air!

Who gave the Federal Reserve the authority to counterfeit the dollar? The Congress!

Why did the Congress give the authority to counterfeit the dollar to the Federal Reserve? Because the corrupt politicians in power in the first decade of the 1900's were in close collusion with the big banks and it was a way for both to benefit?

Was this Constitutional? No!

What is the effect of having an unconstitutional institution in control of the money supply?
  • First of all, the dollar is being destroyed. It is only worth 3 cents compared to its value of $1 in 1913.
  • And secondly, the Federal Reserve system launched an even more ominous constitutional breach which is nothing less than an unConstitutional coup that does whatever it wants. Congress has lost all ability to pull on the reins of the beast!

What can be done? Get rid of the Federal Reserve.

The reporter asked "What will replace the Fed if it is abolished?" The answer is: a constitutional government that will have enough strength to combat the economic terrorists who are trying to provide sustenance for the unConstitutional coup.

How will the Federal Reserve be abolished? By the revolution for the cause of liberty that is stirring all around the world.

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