Are The Media Lapdogs Chomping At The Bit?

I noticed, although subtle, a different demeanor in Neil Cavuto. He is feeling some heat. He has opened the door a little bit in the past for Ron Paul and the media thugs who have to answer to the unConstitutional coup are making sure that Neil knows who has his career in their hands.

It is his 'job' to dirty the water, so to speak. If you recall he acted the same duplicitous way during the Presidential campaign, sometimes being amazed at the principles of Ron Paul and then when he gained popularity trying to smear him.

What proof do I have?

Do you think the unConstitutional coup is going to sit back and not use its attack dogs in the media as Ron Paul galvanizes the Congress? They have only begun their effort to pressure the media. But it may be too late!

Things are changing and the lapdogs are starting to want to go for a walk and even to shed the leash and go for a healthy run!

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